As an independent unit of the Sorbonne University, the Master is free to establish its own partnerships, projects and choose its teaching staff. This is why we welcome any opportunity to cooperate with local or international companies, institutions or schools. The possibilities are broad for many opportunities of cooperation and exchange.

Here are some examples of current cooperation and exchange:

- Each year in February the Master welcomes in Paris a group of the World Maritime University’s students. In exchange, in March, our students participate in some WMU’s lectures in Malmo, Sweden.

In cooperation with CESAM, and particularly with one of its commissionaire d’avaries, Mr Hans-Georg Sanne, in October 2007 students in the Master were able to fully evaluate the extent of the logistical services offered in Hamburg by visiting the Port of Hamburg with HHLA, Fiege’s logistics center, and a railway container hub Hamburg-Süderelbe with Railion / Deutsche Bahn. (click here to see the photos)

GEFCO and Areva have invited students enrolled in the Master program to visit their logistics infrastructures in Istanbul, Turkey in February 2008.

Several other partnerships with industrial or transport companies (FedEx, Air France, etc. …) complete the teaching program by visits to plants, hubs and other infrastructures or centres of management.

Last but not least – some of our partners take on students for a two-year alternation contract, which allows them to take on significant responsibilities and deal with real management issues at the same time as they complete their academic requirements in the Master program, thus giving them both the academic training and the professional experience at the same time. A part of this programme (6 months/year) can also be done abroad.

If you are interested in one of these forms of cooperation, if you have your own idea of a project that we could do together, or if you just want to know more about our Master program, please contact the co-chair of the program, Mr. Stéphane Douard.

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