Teaching program :

A number of features make our program one-of-a-kind:

1. Multi-field approaches of transport…

A program built around multi-field approaches of transport with law, economics and management courses;

2. … that cover all modes of transport

A program which covers a broad field spectrum relating to transport (single-mode transport, multimodal transport, logistics, professional practices).

3. The Group Workshop Research Project

The research is centered on broad-reaching themes chosen every year. This year’s theme is Sustainable Development in Transportation. The class is divided into several mixed-student workshops dealing with different aspects of the main questions. Workshops are guided by teachers and professionals from the teaching staff.

Each year, in May, the Master organizes a colloquium at the Sorbonne, during which students present the results of the Workshop Research Project as their contribution to the current and ongoing research in the field of transportation. A discussion is then engaged, first between the invited guests, then also with the public, composed mostly of professionals. More exchanges and discussions continue during a cocktail in the unforgettable setting of the Sorbonne University complex.

If you are interested in participating in the next colloquium, please contact us.

4. A Professional Master

A program directed towards the integration in the professional world which includes:

- Visits to ports, airports and industrial platforms are an integral part of our program. Each month the students visit plants and infrastructures related to the transport sector : Rotterdam and Antwerp ports, Air France Cargo/FedEx, Renault/CAT, Nestlé, Norbert Dentressangle/Carrefour. This year the students  also visited the port of Oslo, attended a conference at the World Maritime University in Malmö, Sweden, and toured several infrastructures on the island of Malta.

- A large group of professionals participates in the program. Each week a lecture is given by one of them, presenting his or her profession and working environment. These lectures are an ideal occasion for dealing with real-world problems and questions that arise in the field.

- A minimum three-month training period or an two-year internship contract with a company with which we have a partnership.

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